The idea for this Celebration Congress is not an isolated idea. It connects to other projects taking place, and together they unveil a bigger picture.

Decades of divergence have led to scratches on many people's souls. At this moment, a process that I consider as (re)conciliation-in-action is on its way to heal all involved, to transform divergence into convergence. This process is conducted by René Vögtli. For more information on this process and its progress, see conciliation.

The English Reiki Magazine Touch has publish an article on this in its Autumn 2017 issue. Stay tuned and follow touch-magazine.
The German Reiki magazine Reiki Magazin has re-printed this article in its March 2018 issue translated in German. Stay tuned and follow in this case reiki-magazin.

At this moment, several Reiki orgazations and leading figures in the worldwide Reiki community are approached and invited to participate in this event, thus also in reconciliation.

What is 'Harmony'?

What stands between you today and the circle of one-ness on Mt Kurama in 2022? What or who blocks that path? And what are you going to do about that as healer ....?
Realize that this event will take place, even when we as team are the only persons present on Mt Kurama! This means that the choice is yours: take your place in the circle and be part of the one-ness, or ... 

What do we mean by ‘Harmony’? Here, we place it in the context of schisms and denominations in Reiki's history. Reconciliation, while it concerns the past and the events that once took place, is an outlook towards the future. Past events are history and yet they are kept alive as they are relived and re-experienced with the associated emotions in our minds. Reconciliation is about giving up the demand that events should have occurred differently and offers us liberation in the present from emotions that have been weights on our minds and our hearts sometimes for decades. Reconciliation is about accepting the past, taking accountability for our actions, and forgiving ourselves. Thus, reconciliation with the past is reconciliation with our own thoughts, assumptions, judgements and the letting go of all these things, and leads us into the future. Its power is that when we accomplish that, there will be no ‘other’ left to forgive. It is only in this vulnerable yet protected reconciled space where we can experience unconditional love and compassion. If we manage to do that, emotions such as anger and disappointment melt away like snow in the summer and the path to one-ness is paved. This is the pathway to the 2022 Celebration Congress, and Reiki practice can bring us to that place.