Organization and Planning

At this moment, the Celebration Congress' organization team consits of Jojan Jonker (the Netherlands), Berthy Cambier (the Netherlands), Dori-Michelle Beeler (USA). Natalia Litvinova (Russia), and Eileen Sakai (US).

Do we meet on Mt. Kurama ...?

Preliminary information


The preliminary planning looks like this:
- 2021: Registration for the congress will be opened.
(- 2022: April / May: possibility for Reiki organizations to schedule their own gathering.)
- 2022: May 20 - 22: 3-day Celebration Congres, Kyoto / Mount Kurama, Japan.

For other events organized around the same time on the 100 year celebration, please visit this webpage.
For Reiki organizations, this could be a (according to some: should be the) perfect oppertunity to organize - by themselves and for their own members - their own (annual) conference, for instance in the week preceding the Celebration Congress. At this moment, at least one organization takes this into consideration.


As you can imagine, the Covid-19 pandemic has also affected the organization of the Congress. And even now that a vaccine is on its way, we cannot predict what the situation will be in May 2022.

In order to deal with the lingering uncertainties we have adapted our plans as follows:
• The conference will also cater for live stream participation. There is no maximum for the number of live stream participants.
• The number of participants in person will be downsized to a maximum of 100.
• Lunch and dinner are still included, but we will NOT offer hotel accommodation as this is very easy to arrange yourself. There is a variety of hotel accommodations in Kyoto.
• We will NOT offer a pre- or post-conference tour. However, third parties are invited to organize such tours.
• The dates remain the same which are May 19 Thursday evening: opening. May 20-21 Friday and Saturday: congress, May 22 Sunday: “circle of oneness” on Mt Kurama and closing ceremony. Plus a closing dinner for the Kyoto participants.

We believe the adaptations do neither materially nor spiritually change the essence of the Congress. We hope that you are still interested in participating so that we collectively experience the oneness of 100 years of Reiki.

Reconciliation will be the path from past to future.